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We have been lucratively providing Anti Spam Solution to our data center customers at Spectra Net ISO 9001-2000, Tier Three Data Center since Dec, 2004. Our esteemed and venerated clients are enormously satisfied with the paramount quality of our services and technical support. We look forward to a long term business association.

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About SMS:
Short messaging service is available on digital GSM networks allowing text messages of a certain no. of characters to be sent and received via the network operator's message center to your mobile phone, or from the Internet, using a so-called "SMS gateway" website. Messages are stored in delivery box and forwarded at the next opportunity, if the phone is turned off or out of range.

DataSMS is one of the high-powered concept from DataInfocom which permits you to use high speed SMS delivery service via your email, enabling you to deploy your message to (GSM) mobile phone across the India. It enhances the flow of message stream through your email account with us.

DataSMS Technical features/aspects

  • The DataSMS HTTP API provides access to our SMS gateway to clients.
  • The gateway can be utilized by submitting either an HTTP POST or GET to the API server.
  • This is the one of the simpler forms of communication to the DataSMS API. It can be used either in the form of a HTTP POST, or as an URL (GET). We recommend POST for larger data transfer due to the size limitations of GET. Communication to our API can be done via HTTP on port 80. All calls to the API must be URL-encoded.
  • DataSms will connect you to the wireless world through simple integration! You will be able to send SMS messages to your clients, staff or user-database or configure your database to send SMS messages with any trigger event.
  • Supporting Text, Flash. DataSms’s API is immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system, with a direct connection into DataSms Gateways.
  • Complete customization and personalization allows the client to define the sender ID (on limited networks) and message content.

is another residential technology of DIL that brings a boom in the communication world. This service lets you fax from your PC to any FAX machine located worldwide.

DataFax allows you to send faxes from your web browser program through the FaxMail faxserver to any fax number across the world.

DataFax service from DataInfocom is ideal for delivering email inquiries from a website to customer groups which may not have full access to the Internet, DataFax reduces the paper work in the process of faxing. It is considered economical as it saves fax bills.

So workout smart and sign-up for this high-speed service to enjoy the benefits. Happy Faxing!!

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