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We have been lucratively providing Anti Spam Solution to our data center customers at Spectra Net ISO 9001-2000, Tier Three Data Center since Dec, 2004. Our esteemed and venerated clients are enormously satisfied with the paramount quality of our services and technical support. We look forward to a long term business association.

Raman Walia
Manager (EBS), Spectranet -PLL

A complete control over Internet

Ideal For: Internet Cafe's, Internet Users.


The world has etched a dramatic growth, vertically, horizontally, and technologically too. The technological arena has been bursting of wonders and wonderings. Internet has emerged as the vein stream of business life-cycle.
The inauguration of X-band echoes like a rumble in the technology sector. It provides a mechanism which allows users on a closed network to gain rights to use network services as defined in the profile created for the particular user. It authenticates and empowers the users with a unique user ID and administrator. It also formulates the bandwidth control. This module basically features on controlling the bandwidth requirements of the Network/Users. X-band also restricts the traffic on the basis of URLs, Source & Destination Port, etc.

Xband provides following exclusive features
  • Authentication. Authorization and Accounting Gateway
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Network Security
  • Network Connectivity
  • Interface for Users
  • Accounting
  • Messaging and Brand Image
  • Network Trouble Shooting and
    Monitoring Wizard
  • Package Management
  • User Data Backup and Restore facility
  • Local Support/Entertainment Portal
  • Migration tool for 24 online subscribers
  • System Services Modules
  • User Management
  • Search Module
  • Prioritization Module
  • Extensive reporting (Graph and
  • Modular Integration and facility to hold plug-ins
Hardware Requirements
Intel Pentium P-III Processor 700 MHZ or P-4 1.5 GHZ or higher
Intel Server Range Motherboard with on board SCSI Adapter of
1.5 GB RAM
18 GB SCSI Hard Disk
2 Intel Ether Express 100 Pro Network Cards



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