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We have been lucratively providing Anti Spam Solution to our data center customers at Spectra Net ISO 9001-2000, Tier Three Data Center since Dec, 2004. Our esteemed and venerated clients are enormously satisfied with the paramount quality of our services and technical support. We look forward to a long term business association.

Raman Walia
Manager (EBS), Spectranet -PLL

The World’s First Lockable Email that Stops Spam before ever it’s sent

Ideal for: Internet Service Providers, Large organizations etc.



Spam is a synonymous term for unsolicited junk email. Some people’s mailbox are flooded by more than 100 messages every day forcing them to change their e-mail address. There is no real snappy, easy answer you have just got to be vigilant and keep trying to reduce the spam. The most common method is to use a filter on your e-mail account to block e-mails from unwanted addresses.
‘SPAMJadoo’ is the only technology that is engineered to solve the root cause of spam. Rejected spam is stopped before it is even sent to receiver. The resulting benefit is that spammers discard emails as they are protected by SPAMJadoo as a result of it, bandwidth is liberated because no spam is transmitted at any point over the network. For the ISP, whose networks no longer carry spam, and customers are rewarded for loyalty because the longer they stay with the same ISP, the fewer spammer databases they will be listed on.
Only ‘SPAMJadoo’ prohibits spammers from sending spam. We feel it is the one technology that can actually eliminate the spam problem, permanently.

SPAMJadoo  is the world's first LOCKABLE email technology:
  • Puts you in control of your own email address
  • You decide who can send you email
  • You LOCK OUT unwanted email before it's even sent.
We turn your email address into a KeyMail address.
  • It looks and works like any other email address
  • You define how it can be used
  • You define who can use it
  • From the moment you turn the key
  • No spam. Period! No spam.
This is the birth of email privacy.
And no spam. Ever.
for further information, visit us at:

SPAMJadoo provides following exclusive features
  • Stops spam before it is being transmitted to the receiver, conserving your valuable bandwidth and email space.
  • Proactively removes email address from spammer databases.
  • Helps to hold control over own email address where one set rules for the email account.
  • Provide facility to decide who can send you email.
  • To ‘LOCK OUT’ unwanted email/domain.
  • Can co-exists with any other mail server like XGen, Exchange, iPlanet, Sendmail and QMail.
  • Supports multiple domains per server.
  • Automatically builds whitelist.
  • No client software or client reconfiguration required
  • User can switch to use KeyMail address as default email.
  • Users can add/define aliases against their Internet email.
  • Domain and Server Level Control.
  • Economical tool for the users.
  • Safe guard from Directory Harvest Attack (DHA).
  • User-definable setting to Active/Greylist/Passive/Slient and Pass Through Mode.
  • Client utilities for Outlook and Outlook Express to build initial database.
  • Control on Incoming and Outgoing Mail Size Data.
Minimum Requirements
Processor Pentium IV Xion Processor
RAM 512 MB
Hard Disk 40 GB
Software Specification
Operating System Linux (Recommended Mandrake 9.2 Kernel 2.85)
Package JDK for Linux 1.4 Version
Database Postgres 7.4
Web Server Orion 2.2
IP Real IP (Network Connectivity)



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