Standard Edition :

US$ 400 250

Enterprise Edition:

US$ 2000  1100

CAL: $2.5 per year


“XGen has been extensively used in EFY. It turned out to be a very smart emailing solution. It had such a wide array of features and ones that are needed in almost every firm – that after working with  XGen one starts wondering – how were we using tools that did not support the same feature set!”

- Linux For You Review, Oct. 05

XGEN Plus is SCO Unix Certified

As a broadband provider and hosted service provider, we need Anti - spam protection and email services which are simple to use for both our clients and our staff. With XGen, we have this and more.With XGen and Data Ingenious Global Ltdtems, we can now offer start-up ISP’s a complete, email and anti-spam platform which has a totally customized feel for that ISP. Our staff and clients love the interfaces and the support that we receive from DIL is great.

Steven Sugg : USA


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Powerful And Intelligent Features

  • Monitoring of emails of any user

  • Virus protection (optional)

  • IP based Security with last Login IP, Date & Time and Intruder detection

  • Block SPAM and mails from undesired Domains along with rules

  • Instant SMS to GSM

  • E-CRM ready and Database mail Engine

  • Message Filtering & Redirection to FAX/SMS

  • Alert on Mobile based on unlimited rules

  • Virtual storage facility that prevents SMTP server limitation for size and effective use of email space. Keep important document always available with you

  • POP3, IMAP Support

  • Personal Folders can be synchronized in between WEB client and E-mail client

  • Interaction and Sharing E-mails

  • Keeps record of interaction for every message

  • List of New Mails, Read Mails, Yesterdays mail, Today's mails, Replied mails, Forwarded mails, High Priority mails, mails which have Attachments, Reply Awaited mails.

  • Share folders with any other user across the domain on the server

  • Multiple Emails forwarding facility as one document.

  • Quick Access to compose / Reply and Reply all.

  • Mail handling of multiple domains

  • Import / Export of Address Book of other domains like Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

  • Voice Mail

  • Backup & Restore facility

  • Send mail to a group of recipients

  • Unlimited E-mail Id's

  • Scheduling / Calendaring.

  • Encrypted communication.

  • ERP Integration.


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