Stops spam before it is being transmitted to the receiver, conserving your valuable bandwidth and email space.
AntiSpam Application

Why it's better
There's a darn good reason why InfoWorld readers said the #1 Hype of 2003 was anti-spam software. That's because none of it really works!
We really stop spam, even before it's sent
All our competitors accept spam, filter it, and then stick it in a folder. With SPAMJadoo, there is no spam. Other anti-spam products receive spam, then react to eliminate it. We donít allow the spammer to send it.
No other product does this!

No spam to inspect or mark
All of our competitors require that you review "suspect spam", recover legitimate email that was incorrectly processed, and then really delete the real spam you received. With SPAMJadoo, we do not accept spam. Hence, there is no spam to review.
No other product does this!
SPAMJadoo is the World's first LOCKABLE Email Technology
Puts you in control of your own email address
You decide who can send you email
You LOCK OUT unwanted email before it's even sent.

Need reasons to go for SPAmJadoo email security solutions    
  • Stops spam before it is being transmitted to the receiver, conserving your valuable bandwidth and email space.
  • Proactively removes email address from spammer databases.
  • Helps to hold control over own email address where one set rules for the email account.
  • Provide facility to decide who can send you email.
  • To ĎLOCK OUTí unwanted email/domain.
  • Can co-exists with any other mail server like XGen, Exchange, iPlanet, Sendmail and QMail.
  • Supports multiple domains per server.
  • Automatically builds whitelist.
  • No client software or client reconfiguration required
  • User can switch to use KeyMail address as default email.
  • Users can add/define aliases against their Internet email.
  • Domain and Server Level Control.
  • Economical tool for the users.
  • Safe guard from Directory Harvest Attack (DHA).
  • User-definable setting to Active/Greylist/Passive/Slient and Pass Through Mode.
  • Client utilities for Outlook and Outlook Express to build initial database.
  • Control on Incoming and Outgoing Mail Size Data.
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We Turn email Address into a keyMail Address    
We turn your email address into a KeyMail address.
  • It looks and works like any other email address
  • You define how it can be used
  • You define who can use it
  • From the moment you turn the key
  • No spam. Period! No spam.
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So if you are keen to counter threat to your corporate productivity and security then arm your organization with SPAMJadoo security solutions today.

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