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We have been lucratively providing Anti Spam Solution to our data center customers at Spectra Net ISO 9001-2000, Tier Three Data Center since Dec, 2004. Our esteemed and venerated clients are enormously satisfied with the paramount quality of our services and technical support. We look forward to a long term business association.

Raman Walia
Manager (EBS), Spectranet -PLL

Technical Overview  

Data Infocom is a technical leader in the Internet, networking, web based technologies and messaging be it PC to PC, phone, mobile phones or palm tops. Major goals of Data Infocom are to simply administration of information and maintain standard infrastructures and configurations to speed up deployment of changes throughout the organization, business unit, or workgroup that it works with.

Data Infocom services and products are built core technologies that deliver next generation solutions. For us it’s not just Internet Service providing but giving a vigorous customer response. So, investment in technology remained on top of our agenda when we introduced a string of high tech services like DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), ISDN, WLL (Wireless Link) and Leased Circuits, which are being offered also. The Company also has valuable solutions for VPN (Virtual Private Network), Extranet, Internet, Network Solutions, and e-commerce including payment gateway. It has VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), UMS (Unified Messaging Services), Call Centers and Transcriptions.

It is without doubt that we are living in an Information Age. Among the most essential, if not critical, services in today’s world are without doubt the gathering, the storing, the processing, the analysis, and the distribution of information. As leader in providing IT services the company developed web based software services such as application development, software maintenance, Internet and Intranet consultancy and establishing software centres. Data Infocom Software is a Steadfast Client-end Software Option We offer software solutions on turnkey basis on total information system. Specializing in Intranet, networking and web based solutions. Consulting services focus on defining, optimising, and aligning our customer's business and IT strategies.

Our team has a broad mix of practical and trade knowledge and they interact with user executives to develop innovative digital business and e-commerce strategies and solutions. These solutions let our clientele to acquire advantage of new expertise to create new services to stay and grow in the new business environments that these developments afford. Our team of professional designers and developer comes from diverse and various levels of expertise. We have capabilities in Cgi/Perl, ASP, JSP, SQL, Java, Visual Basic, VB Script, PHP, Cold Fusion, HTML, DHTML, Flash, Dream weaver and XML. The applications we develop range from: small customized desktop solutions; to large scale database systems in Client/Server environments; to WAN and Internet applications covering remote locations.

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